What does your stars say this October

Every day brings new hopes, new positivity and new beginnings. But, here we are talking of full 31 days of October. Say Hello, to October and make this month full of awesomeness

Let the magic begin.



ARIES: This month is all about honing your skills or acquiring new skills by joining some course.  Put your thinking hat and chalk a plan of way ahead (career wise). It’s very important to keep an eye on minuscule details to avoid missing on crucial information. People who wear spectacles or have been incurring headache or watery eyes, get your eyes checked. The closure of various things are in pipeline like project, degree etc. People who are in the creative fields like designing, architecture would think of expanding their horizons.

TAURUS: October is the month wherein you would get a feeling of being left out in all possible ways like friends, family or support system. Having said this, wouldn’t it be a good idea to strengthen your foundation of all the important things in your life. Keep you faith and hopes high, let things work out for you. Your questions will be answered when you are least expecting. Some of you would be recovering from ill health or may combat some issue with their weak bones.

GEMINI: It seems like you have been working hard and now deserve the much needed rest. It’s time to hibernate and lie low. The guidance is telling you that for every new big beginning or a new battle, one needs to relax and chalk out a way ahead. Slowwwwwww down is the key.  Some of you would be walking away from negative situations, negative people or would make necessary changes in life for good. Clear your head before you make a move.

CANCER: The bad phase is passing and a the dawn is awaiting you. Whatever you are experiencing is a part of the bigger picture. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. It would be a transformation journey. Break the pattern, if you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep on getting the same result. So break the monotony and start afresh. It isn’t a bad idea to pamper yourself and focus on things you like to do. Spend some time in nature and get some fresh air.

LEO: OMG!! Love is in the air <3, well, well people who are in a relationship would be working towards strengthening the bond and single peeps may get attracted to somebody. All said and done, one thing that will steal the focus would be working on bettering the equation. A choice will have to be made after working on pros and cons. A business association or group projects are on the cards. In totally the key is union in whatever arena you seek guidance.

VIRGO: Find your solace in your within self, this week is all about letting the Universe working out things for you. Take some time off and travel to rejuvenate. Whatever stirs your emotions, give it a shot even if you are a bit skeptical. This month is asking you to go with the flow and follow your instincts. Wear some happy colors that will ignite your motivation. You will be surrounded by supporters. If you have been thinking to have a pet or spend some time with animals then gooooo for it. It will definitely instill lot of positivity.


LIBRA: Loads of family get together and celebrations are lined up this month. Some of you would be welcoming guests at home or would fly down for these get together. Married couple would think of starting the family. If somebody in your family is retiring then I am seeing a mini celebration for this occasion. This is also a time to make a wish as the Universe is showering you with abundance and blessings. It is also a time to be firm on your beliefs and ideologies if you have the conviction.

SCORPIO: Seek more opportunities to expand your horizon, be it work, higher studies or even personal situation. You may have to move out of your comfort zone to make it happen. But, do it as this is the ardent need of the hour. Also, I am seeing some opportunities on the international front. Whatever it is gear up for some big changes and challenges. Think long term and pave your way. Most important keep a check on your temper and keep your enthusiasm high. Now isn’t the time to give up. Keep moving ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: This month is all about the stability and new beginnings. You would be bubbling with ideas on the professional front. Take a leap of faith and go for it. I am also seeing some relocation either to a new city or a new home and it can also be renovation. Some of you may get a bit serious to better your health and would start taking some constructive steps towards it. Committed people may think of taking their relationship to a next level. In totality newness and new beginnings.

CAPRICORN: Lovey Dovey feelings is in the air, this is the time to express your true feelings towards your loved ones and somebody special. Some of you may find interesting people to fall in love with. Partnership and union is on the cards. People who have been recovering from ill health would seek support from their family or doctors. Unleash your inner power and strength to rule the world. This isn’t the time to suppress your feelings. Spend some time with your partner as it would up your game.

AQUARIUS: The creative ones would definitely be overloaded with too much of creative juices this month. You guys would be on the roll.  Let your creative juices flow that has the potential to grow in long run. Surround yourself with positive people and see the change. It’s a great time to channelize  your time and effort in those things that you love doing. Some of you may receive a news which you had been anticipating. Time to action your thoughts and ideas for something fruitful. Check the pros and cons before you make a move. In totality a month full of happiness and action.

PISCES: O Buoy! You will be stuck in making choices and would find it difficult to think clearly. Definitely a tough call between decisions made by heart and head. Don’t go in your cocoon, open up to your family or friends. They would be able to help you out. Some of you may experience pain in knee or joint. Don’t avoid an important decision as eventually you will have to make it. Come out of your denial mode and see the new possibility.


Author: Ruchika Beri

Article for http://www.colorstrokes.in

Website: www.tarotencounters.com


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