Everything you should know about Colorstrokes Workshops

Surely, you have been all waiting for Colorstrokes exciting workshops details. So here it goes with all the important details


  1. Dream catcher– This workshop will let you make a super fancy and positive decorative element at your own. Dream catchers originally intended to teach natural wisdom as per Native Americans. They were woven by grandmothers & grandfathers for newborn children and hung above their bed to give them peaceful and positive dreams. As the generations passed people started believing it in more as a good luck charm and started to hung over their beds and not confined to only infants. Dream catchers made with positivity and faith has its own aura. So here, Kritika Shrimal, Founder- Colorstrokes will take up this beautiful workshop, who completely believes in the intent of dream catchers and not just as a fascinating and beautiful thing to decorate your home. She will teach you how to make these alluring and fanciful elements in the easiest way.                                                                                        dream c2
  1. Hand Lettering- Wondering what exactly is Hand lettering? Hand lettering is an art form where instead of writing; you draw the letters and are often very decorative. There is much more discipline and control over the letter with hand lettering as opposed to Calligraphy. Hand lettering can be a great alternative for projects where calligraphy is too difficult and lengthy. Usually works wonder for signage and chalk boards. Witness beautiful hand lettering art form by Ruchika S Kumar, she expertise in Hand lettering and have done various known projects and have taken up numerous workshops.                                                                                                                                                 handlettering-1
  1. Theatre Workshop- Learn the fine art of theatre from Raju Kumar sir, He’s not only known for teaching theatre to various students from past 16 years with various renown institutes but has also worked with various NGO’s and created special plays to deliver social messages. He’s here to guide you with his advanced tips which gives you immense scope for improvement.                                                                                              workshop-theatre
  1. Wedding styling- Ditch the boring and common advise from your local shopwala and makeup wala this wedding season and to know what looks better on you, why not take serious tips from Aparna Joshi & Shruti Mishra who learnt and gained knowledge under the guidance of Poly Holman, stylist at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Prada etc in Dubai. Aparna has worked for Elle Decor and Good Homes whereas Shruti has worked as Styling Coordinator for various celebrities Katrina Kaif, Armaan Jain, Aditya Thakre etc.  They have come together to give some serious styling suggestions this season.

    Save the date watercolor invitation

    Decorative Save the date invitation with a watercolor design

  1. Photography- If you love clicking photographs and have faith to turn your favourite hobby into your profession and have a knack to be passionate about it throughout, this workshop is meant for you. CS brings you Hitesh Advani , one of the founding members of Jaipur Photography club (JPC), businessman and a management graduate from SP Jain institute of Management & Research, Mumbai is entirely self taught in photography and has learned the art through books and his practical experiences. He nurtures JPC by organizing weekly photo walks, workshops and photography based weekend excursions  And Shilpa Batra Advani will talk about basic rules of photo composition and an art of videography using your smart phones. She has largely worked in Afghanistan for  varied international organizations like USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA etc. She has also  worked on a documentary project for BBC Pashto in London.  workshop-photography
  1. Singing- When Komal Panwar began, she was merely 6. She hummed to the tunes of Abba, Cliff Richards, The Doors, and more. But, sadly she never found a western vocal coach in Jaipur. She’s now been training herself for the past six years, and her voice tells the rest. Apart from being featured on MTV Indies, she’s now concentrating full fledgedly on working on her Youtube channel. In the workshop, you’ll learn how to find your voice mix (between your chest & head registers), the true meaning of breathing from the diaphragm, and an introduction to vibratos in western singing.  This kind of singing will come handy with all attempts to pop, r&b, soul, gospel and rock singing.                                                                                                                                              image2
  1. Paper Bags–  If you love to gift  handmade cards and albums to your loved ones, Instead of ordering it why not learn to make it yourself in a fun and easy way. We have super creative Neha Jain here to teach you how to make quirky designer paper bags, Tri-shutter cards and mini pocket albums. Join her to be more creative and solve your gifting solutions.                                                                                                                  image3
  1. Diwali Edition Workshops– Learn to make different decor items from Namrata Chaudary and Mukta Makhijani Basandani and decorate your home this Diwali with your handmade beautiful decor products. What could be more joyful than making alluring candle lights, shubh labh stickers, Rangoli, Bottle art etc this season. Mukta & Namrata expertise in making different creative products and have taken various workshops in past few years. Mukta also runs a Facebook page, Creativity at Home and have many followers appreciating and learning from her time to time.                        diwali-edition-1

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow. So DO IT “

What are you waiting for, Log on to www.colorstrokes.in for registrations and payments. We have limited seats available.

For on sport registrations Colorstrokes will charge Rs 50 extra so why not JOIN IT NOW!

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