Colorstrokes Talks with Radhika Rawat from Prints By Radhika

1. As everyone know about your brilliant idea of curating prints through your own artwork but people do not know the hassles you go through behind all this. Tell us how you handle the hardships you face from manufacturing to selling?

Well , it’s not really a cakewalk but I love this and it’s my passion.
Basically as you all know my paintings are used to create prints but the whole process is not known to Everyone. So here it goes , I make a painting first then I get it scanned, Photoshop it and then get it print.
This whole process requires too much sampling , color check as I need to ensure that the colors come exactly like my artwork. Then right kind of fabric for a certain season or a certain silhouette I have in mind. After this finally once everything is sorted I get the outfit made!

Now we exactly know how much efforts it takes to get a perfect outfit. Sigh!


2. How was your experience with Colorstrokes first edition? And what do you have for Colorstrokes this Diwali edition?

To be honest , I’m not saying this because Akansha is my soul sister but I had an amazing 2 days of praises ! I was only expecting advertisement and no sales but I made good amount of sales as well as people coming and telling me how much they love my work! I work for appreciation and my motive was accomplished (giggles)*. This season i am bringing entire new collection for the weddings and Diwali! More towards contemporary Indian gowns, lehengas , dhoti sets etc.


3.  Your plans ahead?

Well for now I plan to work online for a while and see more of upcoming trends as it’s just been a year. I want to apply for LFW Spring 2017 and try my luck on that. Apart from this I want to supply to more of multi designer outlets in India and abroad too.


Ladies, if you are looking for something really elegant and contemporary this festive season,  you cannot afford to miss out Prints By Radhika’s upcoming collection at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 at Diggi Palace, Jaipur.




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