Colorstrokes Talks with Designer Anshika Khandaka

Anshika Khandaka is a renown name in the list of Jaipur’s top designer. Been a year and already she have won hearts of many with her elegant clothing line, K. Anshika. Anshika, born in a family of Doctors decided to chose all the way a different and varied career line breaking the stereotype and ignoring the pressure of society where everyone expected her to be a Doctor. Being carefree and bold she decided to let go what people expect of her and she curated enormously classy and chic clothing line -K.Anshika

Our little conversation with K.Anshika was extremely inspiring and motivating for our team.

1.Born into the family where your parents are renown Doctors, you decided to be a fashion designer. What motivated you to chose a different career line? 

Honestly, my parents never pressurized me to be a Doctor, they always wanted me to do something of my own. People around me always expected me to choose science as my career line but i did not care what others want for me. I always knew i will do the best for myself.

Design to me didn’t come naturally, nor is it something I always knew I wanted to do. I’ve always been an aesthetic person, extremely picky about details, but that it would translate into designing clothes was never a thought. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Since I was a child I never found anything I liked and started picking up my own fabric and went to tailors to get my own clothes done the way I wanted.

I’ve always had a business mindset and for as long as I can remember I always wanted to do my own thing.

I studied accountancy and I started working with Ernst and Young one of the top big four consultancy firms in accounting in Gurgaon. I was just never satisfied. I could never settle into doing that my entire life. That was when I realized I had to make a drastic career change.

One day while I was bored at work, my sister told me about her idea of going to Pearl Academy for an interior design course. I thought of taking up a fashion course there in Jaipur . And I realised what was meant for me.


2.Who inspires you the  most while designing and curating your designs?

A strong and a distinctive color palette drives my design perspective . Whenever I see a unique color of anything around me inspires me to create a design.
While curating my designs i spend the maximum time deciding the colors and the silhouette comes later.

Moreover, What really inspires me is being strong and confident. I want my clients to feel the same sense of strength while wearing my clothes as I feel while designing them.
When people appreciate my work, it drives me forward giving me confidence to make something better!


3.Tell us something about your upcoming collection at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition.

The theme of my collection this season is ‘Aurora’ which means the goddess of sunrise.
AURORA captures the essence of light on the horizon with both daring and gentle color gradients. The colors ranging from deeper blues to greens and purple pinks.

This collection will have its own elements  of drama but will be very wearable at the same time. There are dark blues , dark greens , wine colours embellished with lots of gunmetal and antique gold bling.

At color strokes we have lots of evening gowns , dhoti sets and shararas with a twist, super fun and catchy for this Diwali. We also have heavy lehengas for the upcoming wedding season. Everything has a very modern touch to it.


We cannot wait to see K.Anshika’s festive collection on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 at Colorstrokes, Diggi Palace, Jaipur




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