Colorstrokes Talks with Tilfi Team

FP-PPD-16-3790-21Tilfi– One brand who got all over Colorstrokes first edition. Their elegant sarees, dupattas, scarves, suits etc not only attracted every visitor but they took no time to get their hand on those beautiful Banarsi designs. Being the major attraction at Colorstrokes, people kept raving about Tilfi post the event as well. No wonder people kept asking our team if Tilfi would be a part of our Diwali Edition and here it goes as we promised to them, Yes Tilfi is coming back to Colorstrokes and we cannot hold our excitement to check out their upcoming collection on 22nd – 23rd October 2016 at Diggi Palace, Jaipur


But before that check out our conversation with the creative head at Tilfi


1.Tell us something about your brand Tilfi and who is the inspiration behind these beautiful designs?

Born in the timeless city, Tilfi brings to you the rich artistic traditions of Varanasi with a promise of impeccable quality and lasting value. Tilfi is dedicated to bringing back the beauty of Banarasi to every family’s collection, bride’s trousseau and woman’s wardrobe.

We seek design inspiration from the magnificent history and weaving heritage of Banaras. We strive to bring the finest woven stories from the city’s busy handlooms and the bustling lanes of Banaras Chowk. We believe our products carry the quintessence of this holy city, its nooks and crannies, its chaos, beauty and timelessness.


2. How was your experience with Colorstrokes first edition and what do you have for Colorstrokes this Diwali edition?

The first edition of Colorstrokes was absolutely marvellous. We loved the vibe of the wonderful guests at the exhibition and the ambience of the heritage venue, Diggi Palace. We had a fantastic time and two busy sale days, and we can’t wait to repeat the same this Diwali Edition. For the festive season, we’re excited to bring our beautiful collection of handwoven sarees, dupattas and much more. Must-have silks, apt for the upcoming celebrations!


3. What are your upcoming plans for taking your brand Tilfi to next level now?

We’ve recently launched our dedicated website and we’re hoping to go from strength to strength. We will work towards expanding our suite of products, include ensembles and fabrics. We hope to receive inputs from our customers and build our brand by incorporating their feedback.

Tilfi is all set to take over Colorstrokes once again, Join us on 22nd-23rd October 2016 and do not miss a chance to pick your favorite Banarsi design before its sold out!


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