Colorstrokes Talks with Creative head Saanya Bhatia of Gold Fab

Gold Fab is celebrating their First Anniversary with us at Colorstrokes Diwali Edition and they are bringing amazing new collection of Block Print clothing line, Home furnishing and their beautiful Mojaris along with special celebration offers.

Check out our conversation with creative head at Gold Fab


1.  Tell us about the USP of Gold Fab, How unique is your mojaris than others?

Mojaris commonly called Juttis is our USP at Gold Fab, We have dedicated a vertical called Mojari Studio especially for our handcrafted Mojaris. Mojari Studio brings to you a line of bespoke fine leather juttis, that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with a desire to recreate high street fashion for those that wear , admire , preserve its elegance , class and culture. Bright colours , clean curves , impeccable finish , commitment to quality and uniqueness of product; We at Mojari Studio take great pride in everything we put on to our shelves. Also, another uniqueness of our juttis are “chota panjas ” . In older times , when women stayed in veil, they could only reveal their feet . So the show makers of those times made Chota Panja for ladies of royal family , as it made their feet look dainty and beautiful.


2. Who’s the motivation factor behind all this? Give our readers one tip to wear or style these Mojaris flawlessly.

My Husband “Sanjay Gumber” and our parents were the biggest supporter and motivation for my work. From the launch in 2015 till completing one year of Mojari Studio now, my husband has been my inspiration and we both had a  vision to bring some of India’s best handicrafts on the ever evolving international fashion grounds .

These days Mojaris are not specific to be worn with Traditional wear but can be easily worn with jeans giving you super comfort and super chic look. You are going to love our Jutis not only for the designs but for the emphasis we put on quality of these.


3. How was your experience at Colorstrokes- First Edition and what new do you have for our visitors at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition?

Akansha and Kritika are sweethearts, from the scratch till the end of the event they were extremely supportive and my experience was fantastic at first edition of Colorstrokes and this is the reason that i am here again to showcase our upcoming collection and also celebrating our First Anniversary of Gold Fab at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition .This time Gold Fab is showcasing a wide variety of block print collection along with exclusive hand work cushion covers.

Ladies! A pair of mojaris is a must in your shoe collection, add designer, embroidered, handwork and hand painted mojaris to your prevailing stack. Gold Fab‘s sweeping range of finest designer mojaris has the potential to take your appearance to another level. You might replace your entire shoe collection and end up spending all your cash at the versatile set of ‘never seen before’ jutis. At every traditional function we ditch our heels in an hour or two and sport comfortably chic mojaris. But a crucial task is to find that amazing mojari that is color co-ordinate to your attire and enhances it, rather than dropping your style quotient. Gold Fab is here to your rescue!

Wedding season is approaching soon, I hope in the hustle bustle of buying a perfect outfit, you haven’t forgotten about that perfect pair of mojaris. Even with changing times mojaris have remain an essential part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings! You can wear a Sabhyasachi design or Manish Malhotra outfit, the moment  a designer pair of mojari from GoldFab peaks out of the lehenga, friends and family will bug you with ‘where did you get these?’. They are apt to complete the festive ensemble. Take a sweet time deciding on mojariss, is your outfit kundan-work based? Buy a kundan work mojari. Is it gotta patti? buy delicate gotta pati hand-work mojari. Mirror, pearl work, zardosi an entire range to suit your need at Gold Fab.
 Do you need comfortable jutis to go with your denims? Choose from the selective range of Dabu print or block printed jutis with katha work. Manufactured in genuine leather and also made in pure leather.The sole is fluffy and cushioned to provide you extra comfort.
Nothing is more elegant than a perfect Mojari! Bold, trendy, classy, fine mojaris for your every day and festive look, only at Gold Fab on 22nd-23rd October 2016 at COLORSTROKES


Colorstrokes Talks with Tilfi Team

FP-PPD-16-3790-21Tilfi– One brand who got all over Colorstrokes first edition. Their elegant sarees, dupattas, scarves, suits etc not only attracted every visitor but they took no time to get their hand on those beautiful Banarsi designs. Being the major attraction at Colorstrokes, people kept raving about Tilfi post the event as well. No wonder people kept asking our team if Tilfi would be a part of our Diwali Edition and here it goes as we promised to them, Yes Tilfi is coming back to Colorstrokes and we cannot hold our excitement to check out their upcoming collection on 22nd – 23rd October 2016 at Diggi Palace, Jaipur


But before that check out our conversation with the creative head at Tilfi


1.Tell us something about your brand Tilfi and who is the inspiration behind these beautiful designs?

Born in the timeless city, Tilfi brings to you the rich artistic traditions of Varanasi with a promise of impeccable quality and lasting value. Tilfi is dedicated to bringing back the beauty of Banarasi to every family’s collection, bride’s trousseau and woman’s wardrobe.

We seek design inspiration from the magnificent history and weaving heritage of Banaras. We strive to bring the finest woven stories from the city’s busy handlooms and the bustling lanes of Banaras Chowk. We believe our products carry the quintessence of this holy city, its nooks and crannies, its chaos, beauty and timelessness.


2. How was your experience with Colorstrokes first edition and what do you have for Colorstrokes this Diwali edition?

The first edition of Colorstrokes was absolutely marvellous. We loved the vibe of the wonderful guests at the exhibition and the ambience of the heritage venue, Diggi Palace. We had a fantastic time and two busy sale days, and we can’t wait to repeat the same this Diwali Edition. For the festive season, we’re excited to bring our beautiful collection of handwoven sarees, dupattas and much more. Must-have silks, apt for the upcoming celebrations!


3. What are your upcoming plans for taking your brand Tilfi to next level now?

We’ve recently launched our dedicated website and we’re hoping to go from strength to strength. We will work towards expanding our suite of products, include ensembles and fabrics. We hope to receive inputs from our customers and build our brand by incorporating their feedback.

Tilfi is all set to take over Colorstrokes once again, Join us on 22nd-23rd October 2016 and do not miss a chance to pick your favorite Banarsi design before its sold out!


Colorstrokes Talks with Designer Anshika Khandaka

Anshika Khandaka is a renown name in the list of Jaipur’s top designer. Been a year and already she have won hearts of many with her elegant clothing line, K. Anshika. Anshika, born in a family of Doctors decided to chose all the way a different and varied career line breaking the stereotype and ignoring the pressure of society where everyone expected her to be a Doctor. Being carefree and bold she decided to let go what people expect of her and she curated enormously classy and chic clothing line -K.Anshika

Our little conversation with K.Anshika was extremely inspiring and motivating for our team.

1.Born into the family where your parents are renown Doctors, you decided to be a fashion designer. What motivated you to chose a different career line? 

Honestly, my parents never pressurized me to be a Doctor, they always wanted me to do something of my own. People around me always expected me to choose science as my career line but i did not care what others want for me. I always knew i will do the best for myself.

Design to me didn’t come naturally, nor is it something I always knew I wanted to do. I’ve always been an aesthetic person, extremely picky about details, but that it would translate into designing clothes was never a thought. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Since I was a child I never found anything I liked and started picking up my own fabric and went to tailors to get my own clothes done the way I wanted.

I’ve always had a business mindset and for as long as I can remember I always wanted to do my own thing.

I studied accountancy and I started working with Ernst and Young one of the top big four consultancy firms in accounting in Gurgaon. I was just never satisfied. I could never settle into doing that my entire life. That was when I realized I had to make a drastic career change.

One day while I was bored at work, my sister told me about her idea of going to Pearl Academy for an interior design course. I thought of taking up a fashion course there in Jaipur . And I realised what was meant for me.


2.Who inspires you the  most while designing and curating your designs?

A strong and a distinctive color palette drives my design perspective . Whenever I see a unique color of anything around me inspires me to create a design.
While curating my designs i spend the maximum time deciding the colors and the silhouette comes later.

Moreover, What really inspires me is being strong and confident. I want my clients to feel the same sense of strength while wearing my clothes as I feel while designing them.
When people appreciate my work, it drives me forward giving me confidence to make something better!


3.Tell us something about your upcoming collection at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition.

The theme of my collection this season is ‘Aurora’ which means the goddess of sunrise.
AURORA captures the essence of light on the horizon with both daring and gentle color gradients. The colors ranging from deeper blues to greens and purple pinks.

This collection will have its own elements  of drama but will be very wearable at the same time. There are dark blues , dark greens , wine colours embellished with lots of gunmetal and antique gold bling.

At color strokes we have lots of evening gowns , dhoti sets and shararas with a twist, super fun and catchy for this Diwali. We also have heavy lehengas for the upcoming wedding season. Everything has a very modern touch to it.


We cannot wait to see K.Anshika’s festive collection on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 at Colorstrokes, Diggi Palace, Jaipur




Colorstrokes Talks with Radhika Rawat from Prints By Radhika

1. As everyone know about your brilliant idea of curating prints through your own artwork but people do not know the hassles you go through behind all this. Tell us how you handle the hardships you face from manufacturing to selling?

Well , it’s not really a cakewalk but I love this and it’s my passion.
Basically as you all know my paintings are used to create prints but the whole process is not known to Everyone. So here it goes , I make a painting first then I get it scanned, Photoshop it and then get it print.
This whole process requires too much sampling , color check as I need to ensure that the colors come exactly like my artwork. Then right kind of fabric for a certain season or a certain silhouette I have in mind. After this finally once everything is sorted I get the outfit made!

Now we exactly know how much efforts it takes to get a perfect outfit. Sigh!


2. How was your experience with Colorstrokes first edition? And what do you have for Colorstrokes this Diwali edition?

To be honest , I’m not saying this because Akansha is my soul sister but I had an amazing 2 days of praises ! I was only expecting advertisement and no sales but I made good amount of sales as well as people coming and telling me how much they love my work! I work for appreciation and my motive was accomplished (giggles)*. This season i am bringing entire new collection for the weddings and Diwali! More towards contemporary Indian gowns, lehengas , dhoti sets etc.


3.  Your plans ahead?

Well for now I plan to work online for a while and see more of upcoming trends as it’s just been a year. I want to apply for LFW Spring 2017 and try my luck on that. Apart from this I want to supply to more of multi designer outlets in India and abroad too.


Ladies, if you are looking for something really elegant and contemporary this festive season,  you cannot afford to miss out Prints By Radhika’s upcoming collection at Colorstrokes- Diwali Edition on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 at Diggi Palace, Jaipur.




Everything you should know about Colorstrokes Workshops

Surely, you have been all waiting for Colorstrokes exciting workshops details. So here it goes with all the important details


  1. Dream catcher– This workshop will let you make a super fancy and positive decorative element at your own. Dream catchers originally intended to teach natural wisdom as per Native Americans. They were woven by grandmothers & grandfathers for newborn children and hung above their bed to give them peaceful and positive dreams. As the generations passed people started believing it in more as a good luck charm and started to hung over their beds and not confined to only infants. Dream catchers made with positivity and faith has its own aura. So here, Kritika Shrimal, Founder- Colorstrokes will take up this beautiful workshop, who completely believes in the intent of dream catchers and not just as a fascinating and beautiful thing to decorate your home. She will teach you how to make these alluring and fanciful elements in the easiest way.                                                                                        dream c2
  1. Hand Lettering- Wondering what exactly is Hand lettering? Hand lettering is an art form where instead of writing; you draw the letters and are often very decorative. There is much more discipline and control over the letter with hand lettering as opposed to Calligraphy. Hand lettering can be a great alternative for projects where calligraphy is too difficult and lengthy. Usually works wonder for signage and chalk boards. Witness beautiful hand lettering art form by Ruchika S Kumar, she expertise in Hand lettering and have done various known projects and have taken up numerous workshops.                                                                                                                                                 handlettering-1
  1. Theatre Workshop- Learn the fine art of theatre from Raju Kumar sir, He’s not only known for teaching theatre to various students from past 16 years with various renown institutes but has also worked with various NGO’s and created special plays to deliver social messages. He’s here to guide you with his advanced tips which gives you immense scope for improvement.                                                                                              workshop-theatre
  1. Wedding styling- Ditch the boring and common advise from your local shopwala and makeup wala this wedding season and to know what looks better on you, why not take serious tips from Aparna Joshi & Shruti Mishra who learnt and gained knowledge under the guidance of Poly Holman, stylist at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & Prada etc in Dubai. Aparna has worked for Elle Decor and Good Homes whereas Shruti has worked as Styling Coordinator for various celebrities Katrina Kaif, Armaan Jain, Aditya Thakre etc.  They have come together to give some serious styling suggestions this season.

    Save the date watercolor invitation

    Decorative Save the date invitation with a watercolor design

  1. Photography- If you love clicking photographs and have faith to turn your favourite hobby into your profession and have a knack to be passionate about it throughout, this workshop is meant for you. CS brings you Hitesh Advani , one of the founding members of Jaipur Photography club (JPC), businessman and a management graduate from SP Jain institute of Management & Research, Mumbai is entirely self taught in photography and has learned the art through books and his practical experiences. He nurtures JPC by organizing weekly photo walks, workshops and photography based weekend excursions  And Shilpa Batra Advani will talk about basic rules of photo composition and an art of videography using your smart phones. She has largely worked in Afghanistan for  varied international organizations like USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA etc. She has also  worked on a documentary project for BBC Pashto in London.  workshop-photography
  1. Singing- When Komal Panwar began, she was merely 6. She hummed to the tunes of Abba, Cliff Richards, The Doors, and more. But, sadly she never found a western vocal coach in Jaipur. She’s now been training herself for the past six years, and her voice tells the rest. Apart from being featured on MTV Indies, she’s now concentrating full fledgedly on working on her Youtube channel. In the workshop, you’ll learn how to find your voice mix (between your chest & head registers), the true meaning of breathing from the diaphragm, and an introduction to vibratos in western singing.  This kind of singing will come handy with all attempts to pop, r&b, soul, gospel and rock singing.                                                                                                                                              image2
  1. Paper Bags–  If you love to gift  handmade cards and albums to your loved ones, Instead of ordering it why not learn to make it yourself in a fun and easy way. We have super creative Neha Jain here to teach you how to make quirky designer paper bags, Tri-shutter cards and mini pocket albums. Join her to be more creative and solve your gifting solutions.                                                                                                                  image3
  1. Diwali Edition Workshops– Learn to make different decor items from Namrata Chaudary and Mukta Makhijani Basandani and decorate your home this Diwali with your handmade beautiful decor products. What could be more joyful than making alluring candle lights, shubh labh stickers, Rangoli, Bottle art etc this season. Mukta & Namrata expertise in making different creative products and have taken various workshops in past few years. Mukta also runs a Facebook page, Creativity at Home and have many followers appreciating and learning from her time to time.                        diwali-edition-1

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly is a way to make your soul grow. So DO IT “

What are you waiting for, Log on to for registrations and payments. We have limited seats available.

For on sport registrations Colorstrokes will charge Rs 50 extra so why not JOIN IT NOW!

What does your stars say this October

Every day brings new hopes, new positivity and new beginnings. But, here we are talking of full 31 days of October. Say Hello, to October and make this month full of awesomeness

Let the magic begin.



ARIES: This month is all about honing your skills or acquiring new skills by joining some course.  Put your thinking hat and chalk a plan of way ahead (career wise). It’s very important to keep an eye on minuscule details to avoid missing on crucial information. People who wear spectacles or have been incurring headache or watery eyes, get your eyes checked. The closure of various things are in pipeline like project, degree etc. People who are in the creative fields like designing, architecture would think of expanding their horizons.

TAURUS: October is the month wherein you would get a feeling of being left out in all possible ways like friends, family or support system. Having said this, wouldn’t it be a good idea to strengthen your foundation of all the important things in your life. Keep you faith and hopes high, let things work out for you. Your questions will be answered when you are least expecting. Some of you would be recovering from ill health or may combat some issue with their weak bones.

GEMINI: It seems like you have been working hard and now deserve the much needed rest. It’s time to hibernate and lie low. The guidance is telling you that for every new big beginning or a new battle, one needs to relax and chalk out a way ahead. Slowwwwwww down is the key.  Some of you would be walking away from negative situations, negative people or would make necessary changes in life for good. Clear your head before you make a move.

CANCER: The bad phase is passing and a the dawn is awaiting you. Whatever you are experiencing is a part of the bigger picture. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. It would be a transformation journey. Break the pattern, if you keep on doing the same thing, you will keep on getting the same result. So break the monotony and start afresh. It isn’t a bad idea to pamper yourself and focus on things you like to do. Spend some time in nature and get some fresh air.

LEO: OMG!! Love is in the air <3, well, well people who are in a relationship would be working towards strengthening the bond and single peeps may get attracted to somebody. All said and done, one thing that will steal the focus would be working on bettering the equation. A choice will have to be made after working on pros and cons. A business association or group projects are on the cards. In totally the key is union in whatever arena you seek guidance.

VIRGO: Find your solace in your within self, this week is all about letting the Universe working out things for you. Take some time off and travel to rejuvenate. Whatever stirs your emotions, give it a shot even if you are a bit skeptical. This month is asking you to go with the flow and follow your instincts. Wear some happy colors that will ignite your motivation. You will be surrounded by supporters. If you have been thinking to have a pet or spend some time with animals then gooooo for it. It will definitely instill lot of positivity.


LIBRA: Loads of family get together and celebrations are lined up this month. Some of you would be welcoming guests at home or would fly down for these get together. Married couple would think of starting the family. If somebody in your family is retiring then I am seeing a mini celebration for this occasion. This is also a time to make a wish as the Universe is showering you with abundance and blessings. It is also a time to be firm on your beliefs and ideologies if you have the conviction.

SCORPIO: Seek more opportunities to expand your horizon, be it work, higher studies or even personal situation. You may have to move out of your comfort zone to make it happen. But, do it as this is the ardent need of the hour. Also, I am seeing some opportunities on the international front. Whatever it is gear up for some big changes and challenges. Think long term and pave your way. Most important keep a check on your temper and keep your enthusiasm high. Now isn’t the time to give up. Keep moving ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: This month is all about the stability and new beginnings. You would be bubbling with ideas on the professional front. Take a leap of faith and go for it. I am also seeing some relocation either to a new city or a new home and it can also be renovation. Some of you may get a bit serious to better your health and would start taking some constructive steps towards it. Committed people may think of taking their relationship to a next level. In totality newness and new beginnings.

CAPRICORN: Lovey Dovey feelings is in the air, this is the time to express your true feelings towards your loved ones and somebody special. Some of you may find interesting people to fall in love with. Partnership and union is on the cards. People who have been recovering from ill health would seek support from their family or doctors. Unleash your inner power and strength to rule the world. This isn’t the time to suppress your feelings. Spend some time with your partner as it would up your game.

AQUARIUS: The creative ones would definitely be overloaded with too much of creative juices this month. You guys would be on the roll.  Let your creative juices flow that has the potential to grow in long run. Surround yourself with positive people and see the change. It’s a great time to channelize  your time and effort in those things that you love doing. Some of you may receive a news which you had been anticipating. Time to action your thoughts and ideas for something fruitful. Check the pros and cons before you make a move. In totality a month full of happiness and action.

PISCES: O Buoy! You will be stuck in making choices and would find it difficult to think clearly. Definitely a tough call between decisions made by heart and head. Don’t go in your cocoon, open up to your family or friends. They would be able to help you out. Some of you may experience pain in knee or joint. Don’t avoid an important decision as eventually you will have to make it. Come out of your denial mode and see the new possibility.


Author: Ruchika Beri

Article for



Top 3 Reasons to celebrate this October with Colorstrokes

unnamed-1Colorstrokes is here to Celebrate “October” being the month of festivities.

  1. Shop till you drop – Who doesn’t love shopping, everyone does and our festivals being around the corner, we totally go crazy about it. From what to wear on Dhanteras, Laxmi puja, and Bhai-dooj, our list is never ending. This is why Colorstrokes is here to give you major shopping goals this October. From elegant sarees and suits to wear on Laxmi puja and super chic kurtas with palazzos for the bhai-dooj function we have everything right here at Colorstrokes. So be ready to join us for this super fun retail therapy                                                                                                          image1
  2. Diwali with an Art– Be an artist this Diwali, CS is bringing some crazy workshops for you to learn alluring artistic decor items. Learn to make a dreamcatcher or tea light candles & Bottle lamps to decorate your home this Diwali.

Diwali is all about happiness and this is why CS have a super fun and interactive team to make your kids learn how to make beautiful Diwali cards and posters while having a lot of fun with us.

  1. Cherry on the cake– Yay, It’s a weekend. Colorstrokes is always super excited about it. So why not spend your weekend at Colorstrokes instead of going to regular cafes and clubs. CS have super talented artists performing live, amazing delicacies & drinks for you to relish. So join us on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 and celebrate “October” while making your weekend super fun at Colorstrokes.






  1. New Designers– CS is bringing elegant and quirky fashion labels in its second edition. We are fashion enthusiast and have carefully curated our pop-up shops this time. You have so much to pick at Colorstrokes from classic sarees to in- vogue casual wear. You are going to love this RETAIL THERAPY way too much.
  2. Workshops– We love to learn new things and we know you love it as well; we are bringing super fun and interactive workshops to make you learn different art forms. So register yourself before you miss out the chance to join these super frolic lessons.
  3. Music– There’s no fun without good music; we are coming with some new, talented and passionate singers. If you are a music lover and have an amazing voice why don’t you come and sing for us at Colorstrokes this time, you might be lucky enough to meet a lot of people who are equally passionate about music as you.

4.Food– People who love to eat are always the best people and we are calling out the best people to have best food and drinks at Colorstrokes.

Giada's Sports Bar Classics at Home Opener for Food Network

5.Chats & Bloggers meet- We have some amazing experiential mentors coming up with important and interactive discussions with you.Meet and chat with some amazing fashion and lifestyle bloggers and learn how to blog like a pro.

Hey, there’s one more thing you can do, come and meet intriguing people. Socialize and have fun!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!